ADEO welcomes you!

In view of the extreme need to feel secure in one’s immediate environment as adequately protected from Covid-19, the Corona virus, ADEO provides such an environment. All our rooms, but one, have private entrances leading onto our large porch and our spacious garden. There are no rooms or passages that connect any room, except one room inside the house, which is also safely apart.

ADEO lies in the heart of Innes Avenue, an exclusive, upmarket and safely wooded neighbourhood, which is inter alia guarded by an extensive camera system. We have adequately provided safe and healthy protection to all our rooms and the facilities to which our guests have access. Our staff are contractually bound to adhere to stringent rules to prevent the possible spread of the virus. Our aim is to protect all our guests as far as we can humanly do so.

What we offer
We offer conference facilities for the smaller, executive conference. We can accommodate 16 people with ease. This facility lies in the heart of Innes Avenue, which nestles along the nature reserve of Naval Hill; undoubtedly one of Bloemfontein’s most exclusive, upmarket neighbourhoods. The most common sound around us is that of birds singing in old, old trees. You will see from our gallery how wooded Innes Ave is. It is truly a very peaceful place to confer and decide strategic matters. We supply on request various forms of catering, which can be specific according to own taste. Speaking of taste... we proudly offer exactly that: excellent taste.

We also cater for those special brides. Our main bridal suit is in great demand. You are invited to see for yourself in what select circumstances you can restfully prepare for that wonderful, big day in the life of a bride.

ADEO (Latin for ‘visit’, ‘to come to’ and ‘approach’) is our three-in-one for WELCOME! ADEO offers brand new executive accommodation in exclusive Innes Avenue, Waverley, Bloemfontein, at the foot of Naval Hill. Innes Avenue provides a window into Bloemfontein’s rich legal history as the judicial capital, as it was, and seat of the Supreme Court of Appeal. It was named after the distinguished Chief Justice, sir James Rose-Innes, who served as the second Chief Justice in SA from 1914-1927.

ADEO is properly secured. Parking is provided within the property behind an electric security gate. A swimming pool is available and forms part of our extremely spacious stoep, onto which most rooms open for private entrance. We offer four executive rooms leading onto the stoep and two budget rooms leading onto the garden.

ADEO breathes old-world charm, richly furnished to executive taste. It is well situated in the middle of this exclusive up-market avenue with many stylish homes. Our most common wake-up call comes from the birds in this well-wooded street. Feast your eyes from our gallery on the surroundings from where we wait to welcome you. We offer stylish quality to the taste of anyone, from the most punctilious senior counsel to business executive, tourist or casual visitor. We aim to bring our visitors back again and again as we offer you a home to come to.

ADEO welcomes children of all ages, but those over twelve are debited as adults.

ADEO strives to create a healthy, green-conscious environment and discourages smoking due to its relevant health hazards.

We are now also VAT registered.
Adeo + Conferences has been awarded Best Value accommodation.

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